• Speed Up & Clean Your PC with 4 Free Tools
    Maintain your computer on a monthly basis with these free tools.

    A lot of people ask about virus protection, virus scanning, and speeding up their PC. The truth is, there are a lot of tools out there that will help you protect your computer from internet attacks. Paying for a subscription service is a nuisance, especially when you end up getting viruses anyway. This article will show you how to use 4 completely free tools, to clean, maintain, keep your computer up and running
    in addition to Adblock Plus

    Download RKill

    1. RKILL: In order to stop any malicious software currently running, we must first use RKill. This program will open up a command prompt box, and automatically stop any program it sees as an extra application not essential to running the OS.

    Download ADW Cleaner

    2. ADWCLEANER: Next we run ADWCleaner. This application allows you to scan and remove malicious infections from your system processes, temporary files, internet browsers, registry. ADWCleaner even scans for Rootkits. One open, click on the `Scan` button, wait until it completes, then hit `Clean`. When ADWCleaner is finished, you will need to reboot the computer.

    Download Malwarebytes

    3. MALWAREBYTES: Once the computer is rebooted, install Malwarebytes (Suggestion: Uncheck the box asking if you want to `Enable Premium Trial Software`). Once you`ve finished Installing it, Open and click on `Scan`. This should take about an hour on average, may be longer for more infected computers. Once the scan is complete, you`ll want to `Quarantine All`. Malwarebytes may have you reboot the computer, if it asks, go ahead and do so. Either way, you`ll want to keep reopen Malwarebytes and click on the `History` Tab. From there, click on `Delete All`.

    Download Combofix

    4. COMBOFIX: Your computer may have taken a beating from all those infections, and will continue to run slowly until you repair the registry and system files. We can do this using Combofix. Combofix is a great application that will run automatically once opened. It creates a restore point and then continues to repair your system files. We`ve had a lot of success with this program, and suggest using it if you are able. Unfortunately this application has not yet been updated to work on Windows 8. If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 then please contact Upgrade IT Management for tech help.

    Still experiencing problems?

    If you are still having problems after running the previous applications, there are a few other tools you can use before resorting to reinstalling the Operating System. Some other Cleaning programs we suggest include AdBlock Plus, TDSSKiller, Junkware Removal Tool, and Emsisoft.