• Adblock Plus
    Improve your internet experience tremendously, with this quick and easy tool.
    Adblock Plus is a great tool to use with your browser, in order to block pop ups, ads, and possible infectious downloads. It’s unbelievable easy to install and needs almost no management after its installed. If you use the internet to research, shop, or as entertainment, this tool tremendously improves your experience. Unlike Anti-Virus Programs which may protect your computer from malicious websites, and harmful malware, Adblock plus goes into each website you visit and blocks script that runs ads and pop ups, eliminating them from your view. This means no more YOUTUBE ADS or annoying noisy Pop-Ups that are often difficult to close or mute. The best part is, IT’S FREE. We’ll go through how to install and use Adblock Plus, so you can see the difference for yourself.

    *Some websites do not allow the use of Adblock. These sites will block content until you turn off Adblock. This is to ensure they get ad revenue from their sponsors. Dont worry! You will still be able to use these websites with Adblock, but you will need to allow Adblock to Run on that webpage.

    Installing Adblock Plus

    1. Open your favorite browser (ie. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari)

    2. Navigate to the Adblock Plus website.

    3. Click the install button.

    4. Confirm the plug-in install.

    That's it!

    Pausing Adblock Plus

    Some websites require you turn off Adblock to view their content. If a site ask you to turn off Adblock, just follow the following steps.

    1. Once Adblock is installed, you will see a icon (Red Stop Sign with a Hand in the Middle) pop up on the top of your browser to the right of the URL bar. Here, you can easily edit the settings of Adblock Plus. Just click on the Adblock Icon and select the most appropriate option.

    2. As a simple option, choose "Don’t run on this page". If you frequent the site in particular and want a more permanent solution, choose "Don’t run on pages on this domain". Once you make the selection, you’ll see the red icon at the top right turn green. Just refresh the page you’re on, and the blocked content will show up. Remember, Adblock Plus is completely safe to use, and is a great tool for any internet user.

    That’s it! You’re now a pop-up blocking machine!